Because the body has been well trained, over the years, by the nervous system to do the “wrong” things, we sometimes see changes in the brain faster than we do in the body and it’s functions. It is then necessary to aid the body’s recovery so that the healing nervous system can re-establish the mind/body connection. Natural products such as neurotransmitter regulators, adrenal supporters, micro nutrients and minerals are used, sparingly, to assist in this process. Therapeutic use of these products help to:

Downgrade “real time” stress

Regulate hormones

Support immune function

increase quality of sleep

Enhance memory and focus

These products are often used as supporters in the beginning of treatment and are minimized as the brain and body begin properly functioning on their own, so taking them as directed is extremely important to the timing and success of your healing. It is not uncommon in this fast paced world of poor diets, intermittent physical activity and unyielding life stresses to continue some of the more common products such as enzymes, probiotics and adrenal supporters.


Why do QNRT​​®  practitioners sometimes recommend supplements?

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