• ​​"I was able to put QNRT®  into practice the day I got back to work from the first seminar and got results right away. I am  so busy now and have so many more referrals sometimes doing 15 resets a day.  I am so glad I can get to the real root cause of patient's physical and emotional problems." W. K

  • "Integrating QNRT®  into my  counseling practice has doubled my referrals". J.A,. MN

  • "QNRT®  has  significantly increased my bottom line.  My clients are getting  amazing results and  referring their friends and family for QNRT® .  The  QNRT®  seminar experience is  incredible; one amazing  demonstration after another. While learning QNRT® Dr. Turner and his staff provide continual support  and consultation along the way giving you all the tools you need to be successful."   A.G., GA

  • " After  40 years of looking for an effective way to treat the emotional side of the triangle, this is the  most effective. ​ I highly recommend QNRT® ! L.H. IL

  • ​"The  QNRT®  Seminar gave me all the tools, science based research, support, and hands on practice to successfully integrate QNRT®  into my established counseling practice.  Since integrating QNRT® , my clients have had a significant reduction in their mental health symptoms and are able to address the underlying issues  efficiently and effectively".  J.A. MN

  • "During the seminar, I was amazed at the accuracy with which Dr. Turner was able to read  the neurology and  describe events in people's lives without knowing anything about them.   Implementing QNRT®   has changed our practice.  Clients are getting quick results with QNRT®   when nothing else works".  We are now busier than ever.  A.T, GA​

  • The cost  of  training was so low compared to how my referrals and  income has gone up with  this practice"  W.K., MN







 Location and Accommodations

QNRT​​®  Professional Association​

                                                                                                                                           QNRT®  Training Schedule                 

Advanced Seminar Level 2 
West Palm Beach  Marriott
1001 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401



What QNRT​​®  seminar attendees are saying: 

  QNRT ​​®CERTIFICATION TRAINING                    LEVELS 1, 2, & 3  
    QNRT ® Training Center
               930 Holcomb Bridge Rd

                   Roswell, Ga 30076
​                     770 993 7330  
  Recommended  Hotels
                Double Tree  by Hilton
               1075 Holcomb Br. Rd
                      Roswell, GA 

                  Best  Western  Plus                                   907 Holcomb  Br.  Rd.
                    770 552 5599

If  you would like more information on
upcoming seminars, please submit the request form below. 


 Professional with Healthcare Degree  examples:

  • (DC, DO, ND, DIM, MD, RN, PA, LCSW, LAC, Psych., Etc.)  
  •  Three Part Seminar / Workshop Series Completion
  •  Successful Technique Proficiency Exam /Skills Demonstration

  If you  have questions regarding your qualifications, prior to registration, please e-mail us  at info@drjohnturner.com we will be happy  to review your credentials. 

 QNRT®  Certification term is  two years.  Re-certification requirements:

Completion of 16 hours of continuing education provided by the QNRT®  Professional Association. CE credits are offered through live seminars, webinars, conference calls and on line courses.

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​QNRT​​®  Registration fee includes  registration  for one of three seminars in the QNRT®  certification program, QNRT®  training  materials  and invitations to webinars and  QNRT®   support conference calls following the training to help support you as you ​implement QNRT®  into your practice.      

 Level One:                    January  25 - 26  2019     Atlanta / Roswell, GA 
  Level Two:                       March    08 - 09  2019      Atlanta / Roswell, GA
  Level Three:
                    April      26 - 27  2019    Atlanta / Roswell, GA  
  " Advanced Level "  QNRT​​® Training Schedule:  
                          ​Must be QNRT® certified to register!
   Advanced Level One:  November 02- 03, 2018       Bloomington, MN
Advanced Level Two:  February 08-09, 2019     
West Palm Beach ,FL

Chiropractic Workshops 

TM  Quantum Shift Technique TM
:    2019 schedule pending              

​ Presenter: Dr. John Turner, DC founder of QNRT®   and President
​ of the QNRT®  Professional Association

Dr. Turner  reveals his powerful neurological discoveries and will take you step by step through the process of assessing, identifying and resetting the brain from emotional traumas lodged in the nervous system. At the conclusion of  the first seminar, the practitioner will be able to begin implementing basic QNRT®  techniques.