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​​​​QNRT®   Brain Science and Home work ​  

​ QNRT®   therapy is designed to balance the Brain and Nervous System by resetting the neurological pathways of the body (Brain / Body connection) so that your automatic response to  life events change. The QNRT®  program will teach you how to solidify this change using  homework that your practitioner may suggest.

  Your homework may consist of word patterns, cranial nerve motions, educational development tools and actions that make your new way of thinking a habit in much
 the same way your  old ways of thinking became a habit.  Through QNRT® , new neuronal pathways are being developed in your brain and research shows that repetition, whether in word or deed, is what  protects them. Here’s how:


 Axons and dendrites make up the parts of neurons or nervous system cells that traffic information.






Dendrites bring information to the cell body and axons take information away from the cell body. They make up the sensory (hearing, touch, visual) and motor (movement) neurons. Sensory and motor neurons communicate information from the nervous system to the body. If the information is filtered through an emotional  trauma, it is perceived as unsafe causing the body to protect itself. When the emotional trauma is reset, the information is taken at face value and
the body is allowed to appropriately respond.  



QNRT®  homework allows you to create appropriate responses by repeating  patterns that validate your new way of thinking.


A myelin sheath as it thickens
Repetition of speech or action thickens the myelin sheaths that protect the new neurons making the information it carries a habit.  This doesn’t mean that the old way of thinking immediately goes away, but the sabotaging power it had over you diminishes. Where you automatically responded adversely before,
​you now pause and rationally choose a course of action.


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