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QNRT® Professional Association

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT®) is a proprietary protocol designed to initiate a quantum shift in the nervous system by resetting the brain's response to emotional triggers for both past and present emotional trauma and stress.  

​"Doctors often tell me the emotional element to illness is an area where they can not seem to break through and help their clients. This is where QNRT® has helped when all other techniques and therapies fail. "
Dr. John Turner


We specialize in helping you understand the physical and emotional impact of the stress response, identify specific stress response triggers and life events by assessing and reading a person's neurology.

We teach Practitioners how to assess &  activate the nervous system and reset the way the brain responds to stimuli in order to produce a healthier neurological response and build  new  neuronal pathways that culminate in a more optimal state of wellness.

Dr. John Turner
Founder and creator of QNRT®
President QNRT® Professional Association

Dr. Turner in an effort to heal himself from chronic pain and long term trauma, developed a technique that has not only changed his life and eliminated his pain but has now helped thousands of people around the world to live healthier, happier pain free lives. He now shares this powerful life changing technique.

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 QNRT® is a popular technique used by chiropractors because it considers the Longitudinal Level of the Neurological Lesion. Neurological tests are performed to assist the practitioner in determining the levels involved ie: receptors, peripheral nerves, spinal cord, Cerebellum, Brain Stem, and or brain.  A certified QNRT® practitioner can apply these methods before or after the chiropractic adjustment to facilitate the full neurological pathway from receptor to brain. A skilled chiropractor implementing this technique identifies the involved cranial nerves, provides activation and stimulus to the cranial nerves, mobilizes affected joints, muscles and or tissue and incorporates cold laser therapy. This  stimulates the neurological signaling to the brain creating central integration along the spine which aides in correction of vertebral subluxation, other abnormal articulations, neurological pathway disturbances, and structural alterations. 

Many patients demonstrate immediate improvement in ROM of affected joints and report reduction or resolution of pain in the site.  QNRT® pain protocol is very effective specifically with helping restrictive ROM in joints and relieving physical pain.



Become a  Certified Quantum Neurological Reset Therapist®

​Add this powerful technique to your practice by becoming a board certified Quantum Neurological Reset Therapist®.  Clients are traveling  hundreds of miles and out of their country to receive this unique and highly effective therapy.


  •  Professional with Healthcare Degree  

  • (DC, DO, ND, DNM, MD, RN, PA, LCSW, LAC, LMFT, Psych., PT, OT, ST Etc.)  

  •  Three Part Seminar / Workshop Series Completion

  •  Successful Technique Proficiency Exam /Skills Demonstration

  If you  have questions regarding your qualifications, prior to registration, please  contact us, we will be happy  to review your credentials. 

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